Ski Hats are a Necessity, No Matter What the Weather

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Why do I need a ski hat on a warm day on the slopes?

Ski Hats are a Necessity, No Matter What the Weather

Teenage skiers especially are very focused on looking good on the slopes. In the springtime, this usually means they want to leave their ski hats inside. But parents should be cautious to allow their teen to make this decision, as even on a warm spring day. The wind chill can be extremely cold, and hats are a necessity.

Hats not only shield the scalp from the effects of wind chill, but help keep ears warms as well. Any skier knows that frozen ears are no fun on the slopes, especially on the ski lift riding up to the top. Teenagers as well as fashion conscious adults should remember that their ski hat is as essential as their skis for proper and safe skiing, all season long.



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