Keeping Ski Goggles from Fogging on the Slopes

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How do I keep my ski goggles from fogging up?

Keeping Ski Goggles from Fogging on the Slopes

While there are some products a skier can buy to help keep their goggles from fogging up, my family always swore by some simpler, less expensive methods. If fact, our methods worked better that the expensive store bought solutions, and kept our ski goggles clear all day long.

Our first family secret was to apply regular old toothpaste to both the inside and outside of our goggles. We would use just enough water to make the goggles clear, but for some reason, this simple trick helped keep our goggles from fogging up. Once we were on the slopes or second secret was to take the goggles off every now and then, fog them up with our breathe, and use a towel to wipe them off. These quick solutions may help your family's ski goggles from fogging up your day on the slopes!



2/26/2007 5:25:25 PM
bwhip said:

Toothpaste is an abrasive and is likely to scratch the lenses of your goggles.

2/8/2009 5:10:20 PM
akd said:

never wipe the inside of a wet will remove the anti fog layer


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