A Ski Mask Can Be a Skiers Best Friend

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When do I need a ski mask?

A Ski Mask Can Be a Skiers Best Friend

In the cold winter months, skiing can take its toll of your complexion. A ski mask can help protect your face from the elements on the slopes when wind and ice are present on the mountain…and as an experienced skier, I can remind the novice that a skier newer really knows when the weather on the mountain will head, well North!!!

The colder and more extreme the conditions on the slopes, the worse your skin will look and feel when you come in from a long day on the mountain. a ski mask can cover your face on the mountain, not only keep it warm, but stopping the face from getting chapped, and even sunburned!!! Keep it in your pocket when you hit the slopes, and it will be ready to help you “save face” as the weather deteriorates!



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