Even Novices need Ski Goggles

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Why should a novice skier by ski goggles?

Even Novices need Ski Goggles

A novice skier can get overwhelmed by the expense of taking up this new hobby. One place a skier should NEVER try to save is on ski goggles. They not only protect your vision, but will enable you to know where you are headed down the mountain. These magnificent items can protect your eyes from some of the most extreme conditions the eyes will ever “see.”

On the slopes, your eyes are one of your most important body parts. They help direct you were to go. Without ski goggles, the sun, wind and rain can block your view and cause a skier to tumble into some dangerous territories. Ski goggles come at a variety of prices, and are well worth the investment.



11/1/2006 2:39:04 PM
Andrew said:

I disagree. A pair of ski goggles is not necessarily needed. A good quality pair of polaroid sunglasses and some 30+ suncream does the trick just nicely. The suncream also eliminates the need for a face mask.

7/10/2007 5:53:57 PM
Deborah said:

If you fail to find polaroids then you should really ask for polarised lenses, they will work much better than camera pictures stuck to your eyes.


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