Ski Masks – Getting the Perfect Fit

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Why can’t I breathe when I am wearing my ski mask?

Ski Masks – Getting the Perfect Fit

Be cautious of buying a ski mask that says “One Size Fits All.” From my experience, this is simply not true. If you wear a ski mask that is too big, you may find that it is difficult to breathe through because of the extra fabric around the nose. If you chose a ski mask that is too small, you may find the nose holes are too small to get adequate air.

The best way to try on a ski mask is to wear it for a few minutes. Does it tend to fall when you turn your head? Does the mask over too much of your nose or mouth? Is it comfortable? When skiing, you must be comfortable. Ski masks can be a skiers best friend, but only if it doesn't make you have to take it off to catch your breath!



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